Hot Flow 14/6/18

Was quite a good class this evening. Had only 3 students so I could focus on giving them modifications and adjustments. It’s a different vibe with a small class, it feels more personal and like you can connect with the students better. I took Princess’ advice to remember their names, and I’m glad I did. I addressed them by their names throughout the class, and it does make a difference. It makes adjustments easier too, especially verbal adjustments, you can see them articulate the movements in their bodies and make that mind-body connection. Really thankful for tonight’s class and the students who came today. I think I’m better in my cueing, voice volume and pace today, though I felt that I could have been a bit faster, considering it was a flow class. But then again I was toning it down to match the students’ level of practice, so perhaps it was fine that I taught it more like a Hatha class, with more alignment and refinement cues. It’s just kind of ingrained into my cueing style to cue alignment and refinement, because of how we were taught in TT, and I actually like cueing these, because you can really tell that students then approach their practice differently, with greater body awareness. Even seemingly simple things like “squaring your hips” by “taking the left hip forwards and the right hip back”, simply cueing this and showing students how to do it makes a big difference. It was exactly the same way how Christine taught me at Y.I. and it just feels amazing and I feel thankful that I am able to share this too with other people. Because all the alignment cues, demos and adjustments really made a big difference in the way I progressed in my practice.

I just wanted to write and capture my thoughts that I am extremely thankful for the opportunities I’ve been presented and the support I’ve received. I can’t seem to say this enough. I really, truly am thankful. At the same time, I’m trying my best to improve my teaching skills, my energy, my openness towards speaking up and introducing myself to people, rather than sit and wait for them to open up, and also trying to find my voice and style of teaching. I attended Edmund’s Sunrise class this morning, and that sense of masculine groundedness and centeredness that he emanates and brings to his class is something I want to emulate and bring out in my classes too. It makes me feel so much more calm, centered and grounded, and from that space, I can then conduct and teach my classes with so much more presence, focus, calm and givingness. I feel it’s a different vibe and energy that we male teachers bring to the table. I’m still trying to find that in the way I teach, and formulate my own style. But for now, I really am taking the time to be grateful, appreciate and enjoy every step of the way. Couldn’t ask for more. I am so blessed. Namaste.


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