Allow yourself the space to grow. Patience. Enjoy the process.

Allow myself the space to grow. Allow myself the experience needed to grow. Allow myself the space to make mistakes and learn through experiences rather than avoid them. Allow myself the time to grow and not rush things. Allow myself the space and time to enjoy the process of growth. I am already on the right path towards my own definition of success, there is no need to pressure myself too much or be a perfectionist. I am already progressing each day. Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal. Success happens when you take the first step, and continues to happen as you keep taking steps forwards. I am really still just a new teacher. There is no need to pressure myself to become great or perfect, considering how I’ve only just started out. There is this nagging feeling behind my mind that I want all of my classes to be perfect. It’s not that I’m giving up on this hope, but truth is that I’m new. I’m so new. I’ve only graduated from TT 1 month ago. And the fact that I’m already teaching in a studio and getting paid to do so is a success in itself. I need to allow myself the space to enjoy the small successes that I’ve made and to appreciate them. And not feel the need to charge forward at full speed all the time. I’ve already progressed and grown so much in the past 6 months of 2018. It’s only been half a year, but there’s already been so much positive transformation in my life. I’m not saying slow down, or cut myself some slack, or go easy on myself and stop working hard, but rather work hard from a place of appreciation for my past, present and future growth, from a place of confidence that things will work out eventually, and from a place of patience, that there isn’t a need to speed through things. I am young. I have big goals. But take each baby step at a time and enjoy the journey, enjoy the process. Take time to enjoy the experiences – the good and the bad; take time to enjoy the people who surround and support you. Life isn’t just about the destination that lies ahead, but rather the experiences and views that happen along the journey. They are happening now. Embrace the process and enjoy your experiences!

Just a timely reminder for myself this new moon, as I was feeling down and slightly burnt out/discouraged just now. =)


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