The thing that hits me most is Dice’s authenticity. He is just so real and just genuine in who he is, even though he might be introverted, not exactly the super confident image of a masculine man. There is this inner self-trust and confidence that emanates from him. I resonate a lot with Dice perhaps because I am in many aspects, similar to him. I am not the most social or outspoken person, and I am still trying to find my voice, or the expression of myself that I can be to the world. One that is true to my being. And watching people like Dice just be their true authentic selves inspires me to go forth with a greater trust in myself and to present myself as who I truly am. On and off the mat. That there isn’t anything to be ashamed about being soft-spoken or gentle or not having superb social skills, and that I don’t have to force myself/pretend to be someone I am not just to appear more outspoken or to be heard. I just have to be who I truly am. And to allow my personality and energy to shine through my actions and my being. And that this is what makes us real. That this is what makes me real. That I am not merely a collage of beautifully-crafted social media pictures. But that I am who I am with all my intricacies – my strength, my gentleness, my introspectiveness – and that I don’t have to pressure myself to be somebody else. That this is who I am and I honour it, and that this is what makes me, me.


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