On YTT and other thoughts

We’re into the 6th weekend of YTT now and it feels kind of surreal that it is ending all so quickly. 3 more weekends and I will be a certified yoga teacher. This is the biggest milestone of my life thus far. I am having difficulty in articulating what I feel about this, but above all other emotions, it feels natural. It feels like the most natural step for me to take moving forward in the direction of my dreams and the life that I want to build. All the other things in life just seem to fall away and I am just so hooked on yoga. All aspects of it – the physical, the science, the spiritual. It’s funny because I have a Uni exam tomorrow morning and I can’t really be bothered about it. Everything else just seems so irrelevant. All I want to do is be on the mat, to practice, to share my practice and to connect with others through the practice. Still, I don’t know the mechanics of how to make this work – how to make a living while doing yoga and teaching yoga. I don’t even know if I’ll be a good teacher. There is so much more to learn, to practice, to grow through experience. But one thing is for sure, is that I’ll make it work no matter what. That even if my teaching is bad at the beginning, I will put in the time, the discipline and the work to improve. I will honour my practice and my teaching and make it work somehow. That even though I will never be perfect, I accept that, and will nevertheless strive to be better in all my imperfections.

And also a reminder to self and all those whom it may serve: That happiness is here now. Happiness is not something to be “achieved” in the distant future, but is something that is available and can only be experienced in the now. For the present moment is our only point of contact with life.


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